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Don't Let Her & Some Freeloader Take Your House

You worked hard for that house and the equity that is in it, do not let her and God knows who enjoy all the benefits of it. A divorce attorney can protect your home and make sure you get a divorce decree that is fair.

Let An Experienced Attorney Guide You
Do not let the complications of California's divorce law keep you from your children or enjoying your income. Do not go through a divorce without an experienced lawyer.



Divorce Lawyer For Father
Changes in divorce law happen quick. It is important to have an attorney who specializes in family law and from a father's perspective.


dadslaw Divorce Tips
Benefit from the experience of an attorney who specializes in divorce
Dad's law Reducing Alimony
A family law lawyer can ask the court to reduce your alimony
Expunge Record Expungement of Criminal Record
A criminal record without a felony or misdemeanor may help with child custody issues.
Home Featured Protecting Your Child Custody Rights
An aggressive attorney will fight for your rights